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Idea Acceleration

Consulting programs for the design and validation of new products, services or business models.

– Definition of road map for the development of ideas;
– Network access for prototyping;
– Financing strategy.

Adapted to entrepreneurs of
Startup Voucher

Start-up Acceleration

Consulting programs to accelerate the entry of new products or services in the market and the first sales.

– Support in attracting early adopters,
– Marketing services;
– Support in raising funding;
– Sharing in the ecosystem;
– Team sharing.

Business Acceleration

Programs for generating innovation within existing structures.

– Design thinking services;
-Access to R&D partners;
– Training teams for innovation;
– Support in raising funding;
– Sharing in the ecosystem.

Scale-up Acceleration
Top management programs to leverage the company's rapid growth and access to key partners.

– Access to peer mentors;
– Access to other ecosystems and softlanding solutions;
– Facilitation of HR and modular spaces.

Creative Lab
  • Design thinking services for prototyping new products and services.
  • Communication services: strategy and content creation, design of various communication materials, customer acquisition campaigns or brand awareness.
Business Hosting

Virtual or physical offices, from co-work to modular individual rooms, with legal hosting included. Access to common spaces such as meeting rooms.

Social Innovation Initiatives

Social innovation projects also benefit from Acceleration Programs for the idea phase, as well as for start-ups, businesses/spin-offs and scale-ups, properly adapted. We connect social entrepreneurs with the social ecosystem and provided them with a dedicated space to grow their projects. Found out what services we provide for this initiatives:

Entrepreneurs from outside Portugal

Entrepreneurs living abroad can be mentored remotely.

For those who want to export their business model, our programs for Idea, Start-up, Business and Scale-up Acceleration are adapted to ensure proper cultural integration of the products.

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