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Ecosystem Advantages

To better serve Entrepreneurs and Innovators, Startup Leiria has established several partnerships and created a network of cooperation with various entities, such as higher education institutions, renowned companies, graduated startups, technology centers and laboratories, public institutions with an active role in innovation, other national or international ecosystems.

Our experience in the field of innovation, combined with a vast network of multidisciplinary cooperation, have proven to be essential ingredients in the success of our Entrepreneurs.


We have at your disposal a network of highly specialized Partners, carefully selected to help companies, at preferential prices:

AWS – 175+ free Cloud Services, with support and training, up to $11,500 in credits

International Mentoring – 25 international mentors and softlanding at a discount

Google Cloud – suite of free cloud products and services, up to $3,000 in credits

Hubspot for Startups – Discounted Marketing Automation Platform

Discounted Accounting Services

Discounted Intellectual Property Services

Legal Services in the areas of Civil Law, Commercial Law and Employment Law at a discount

Sales-oriented online CRM with 1 month free and 1 year discount

Discounted language services

Social media management with free access for up to 6 months and discount for 1 year

Discounted Payroll and Accounting Services

Discount Advertising and Printing Services

Solid Edge Premium com acesso gratuito por 1 ano

Discounted stays (depending on duration)

Discounted short stays

Discounted gym and fitness services

Discounted Telecommunications and IS/IT Services

Discounted Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Services

Investment partner in Portuguese and Spanish startups

Startup support program that provides technical and commercial resources

Discounted invoicing software

Access to additional discounts on the list price

National and international networks

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Disponível brevemente.
Eduarda Fernandes
PHD Economia Circular
Paulo Pinto

CEO La Redoute

Nuno Fonseca

CEO Sound Particles

Tim Vieira

Brave Generation

Joaquim Conceição

Grupo NOV

João Jesus


David Carvalhão

B11 Top Talents



Regina Francisco

Get Digital

Hugo Venâncio

CEO Fulldata Metasearch Engine

Miguel Maio


Marco Galinha

Grupo BEL

Paulo Gaspar

Media Capital

Rui Pedro Alves


Paulo Faustino

Get Digital

Sandro Batista

Founders Institute

Stephan Morais

Indico Capital







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Why Leiria

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2016, the central region is recognized for striving more for opportunity and less for need (77.8% vs 22.3%) and, therefore, with entrepreneurial capacity and very dynamic.

Leiria also maintains a very close connection with the Polytechnic of Leiria, which ensures specialized human resources and also the capacity to develop R&D projects in close cooperation with various sectors and companies.

After Lisbon and Porto, Leiria was also considered the best place to start a business and so, more than we believe, we are witnesses to it!

Leiria was considered the 2nd county with the best quality of life in Portugal. It is located in a region with excellent accessibility and where the cost of living is much lower than in other district capitals.

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Campus 5 – Politécnico de Leiria R. Santo André – 66-68 +351 244 859 460
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